Friday, April 15, 2011

Zoo Part 1

We have been working all week on our Zoo unit. We started our week doing Alligator syllables whole group then the children did their own syllable book.

I read books about Giraffes and the children had to make a tree map.

The children did addition sentences using lions and zebras.

I read books about zebras and the children made bubble maps. After we studied the zebra's and giraffes we made a Venn diagram and we also did an investigation on a thumb prints. The children put their thumb print on the paper then had a friend put their print on the paper. The children then used hands lenses to compare them both, then they wrote on what they seen.

I read Good Night Gorilla and we had a lively conversation about the book. Picture books allow for great conversation with kindergartners, I so love to hear their stories. After our discussion we went over the order of the animals and everyone was able to pick an animal or zoo keeper and we acted out the story.
They all followed the zoo keeper around so quietly and did such a great job, they begged to do it again and again. When we finally finished I had the children write the order of the animals using ordinal numbers and illustrate.

Thanks to Deanna Jump's Zoo unit for some of the lessons.


Suzan said...

Love the simple activity of searching the room for the "animals"! They LOVE to move and I love the simplicity of not having to MAKE ANYTHING!!!

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