Saturday, January 8, 2011


Before school had started I had found apples with numbers on them from another teachers blog that you put in a pocket chart and have the children count the numbers then they cover their eyes and I hide a worm behind one of the numbers. I then call on a student to come up point and tell me the number where they think the worm may be, oh my I had no idea how big a hit this would be for my kids. They started saying sorry every time someone couldn't find the worm and very excited and clapping when someone would find it, and they didn't realize they were recognizing the numbers which was great for me. When they started recognizing all the numbers I would mix the numbers up then to make it even harder I changed the numbers so they could count by fives and tens. Every season or theme I would also change the cards, I have used pumpkins, cornucopia, reindeer, and snowman. For the snowman I changed the worm to a sun, thought it was cuter that a worm for snowman. I do this everyday during our calendar time.

Here is the blog where I had gotten the apples from.


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