Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheers Stickers

I am trying so hard to learn how to upload documents to blogger, I know most people can do this but I just haven't sat down long enough to do the research to figure it out. I really hope I have done it right if not please let me know.

Here are some cheers stickers that I hope you can use in your classroom. I have gotten these cheers from workshops and heard them over the years. I used avery label#8867 to print these then I added them to popsicle sticks so the children can pull them.
When the children have to say anything in front of the class or present their work to the class we pick a cheer and everyone does it for that student, they love these.

Please click on the cheer to download.
Cheers Stickers


Anonymous said...

Love the ideas for all of the cheers! I downloaded the labels, just wondering if you have an explanation page that says how to do each cheer? If you do I would love to have it so I am using all the cheers to their full potential! Thanks for sharing!

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