Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random thoughts

I so have got to stop looking at other blogs that have Target buys. I look at them and just have to have one thing then go to the store and well I end up walking out with more than just one thing that I just had to have. Here is a picture of my recent purchases, I was really surprised about the table pocket chart I have been wanting one of those for awhile.

I used my cricut to fancy up the purple bins from Target and I will be using these for my lessons for each day.

I also used my cricut to make a few other things, I am really enjoying the time off and being able to make things for my room.

Since I am changing grades and will probably have the same kids (not sure) I want to change my room up a bit so it doesn't look exactly the same as last year but I don't want to spend a fortune doing it. I have been taking some old things and adding or changing them to make them look different. This is my writing table from last year, all I did was staple fabric around it and gave it a whole new look.


Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I have been wanting a table top pocket chart! I need to see if our target has one! I love your bins too!

Anonymous said...

Such a great job revamping things for your classroom!

Tanya Solano said...

I'm soooo bummed! I keep seeing all the Target dollar spot greatness, but none of the Targets near me have any of that out yet {however, I am stalking them}. Can't miss out on these great deals!

My mom made that same crayon wreath for me my first year of teaching and I hang it proudly still {11 years later}. I'll have to post a photo on my blog.

Now on to the Cricut. I just purchased one from ebay and am looking at with one raised brow. What cartridges do you find most useful for teachers? And, did you feel like you needed a PhD in order to run this thing...?

P.S. Love your blog {I'm your newest follower}

Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

Chrissy said...

I just came home with another haul from Target, lol! We don't have the alphabet stamps or the magazine holders...but, I did grab a tabletop chart!

Nice work on the writing table!


Hadar said...

Love your Target finds! You did a really good job revamping with your cricut! I'm a little jealous! :)

Miss Kindergarten

Mrs. Santillana said...

ooo...i love the stand. i went to my target and they have just pocket chart (the little ones that would be great for sorts) maybe later on. what was awesome is that the little cups were 50% off, so i got 20 for 10 bucks for the bucket filler buckets!!! i love target :)

Giggle, Giggle, Kindergarten said...

More stuff I "must" go find at Target - I am jealous of some of the other things people find & at the same time wish I would stop seeing it so I don't know it exists!! :)

Do you make stickers on your cricket or do you glue the things you make on?? I LOVE my cricut, but wasn't sure how to use it to make labels?


Rose said...

Wow, just got to make another trip to Target. I don't have one here but there is one close by. May need to make a trip at least once a week. Love the stickers. Hummm maybe I see a cricket in the future.

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