Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I just love the summer time and having the time to create. Here are a few projects I have finished for my room, the crayon wreath will go outside my door, the flowers are pens for my desk, the suckers are going to be reward and the notebooks is for my summer to do list I just got a cricut and hope to have many more projects done since I have started my craft/teacher room YEAH.

I of course didn't come up with the idea of the crayons, I wanted to give credit but it seems a couple different ladies have them on their blogs and they both did it different ways. I used a styrofoam ring and wrapped fabric around it then just hot glued the crayons on.


michaeledlavitch said...

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Jan Brady said...

I know what you mean about creating over the summer! You have some really cute ideas going here! Great blog you have! I'm just getting mine going. It's addicting!
- Jan
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Alessia Albanese said...

The crafts are BEAUTIFUL! Love the crayon wreath! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

Sandra Guntorius said...

Thank you very much Jan and Alessia. Jan cute name and blog. Alessia I tried to follow the link and no page was found.

Anora said...

The beautiful crafts you shared here. Your post is really appreciative.

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froggycupcakes said...

You've been busy! Thanks for linking up!

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