Saturday, June 4, 2011


My school year is officially over, wow it went so fast. I have tried to write this post for weeks but hard to put all my feelings in words. I have decided to change grade levels and I will be teaching first grade next year. I have taught kinder for six wonderful challenging years and I have truly loved it, but many things factored into my decision and I felt it was time for a move. We are going to have a lot of changes at my school next year and I had to say goodbye to my classroom,and a wonderful principal today and it was difficult. I am very excited about the move but also very scared but luckily I will have some great team mates that will be able to help me, and of course I have blog world. If you follow my blog I hope you continue because I still will be posting but of course now it will be a first grade blog. Wish me luck.


Debbie said...

Hopped thru from the Top50 K blogs and see that you are in the midst of change. Congrats on that honor & on movin'-on-up!

My blog is of my travels as an author/illustrator and I am working this summer to get it connected to more educators.... so I came to the best to learn. (I have a lot to learn: LOL!)

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