Sunday, June 5, 2011


Please help me! I am not sure what I should do with my blog, since I will be teaching first grade do I start a new blog or rename this one? I am also in need of a good name. When I started blogging there werent' many other blogs out there and I didn't really think about making a cute name or if I would even really get into blogging so I just used my name. Well almost two years later I have become obsessed with blogging and would love a cute name, do you have any ideas?


Mrs. Saoud said...

Guntorius Gurus or Gleefully Gabbing with Guntorius.

I found putting a grade on my URL was a pain when you learn that you are moving grade levels.

People identify with the name.I'd find a name that you can make a trademark.

Priamry Graffiti

Jennyfer said...

I would NOT start over again, you've spent too many hours putting your heart into this blog. I agree with Cheryl, find a name that celebrates who you are as a teacher and person.

Alessia said...

Your blog is FANTASTIC and I wouldn't start over again. It takes a lot of time and effort to get your name (and reputation) out there - you did a great job with it so far....and the best part is your blog name "Mrs. Guntorios' Class" allows you to teach any grade (or anything!) at all!

Good luck with the change next year!


Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

I agree there is no need to reinvent the wheel! Keep this one! Besides you will help other teachers learn how to transition from K to first or how to transition to any grade! Sounds like a great way to segue into the next chapter of your life and blog!

Sandra Guntorius said...

Thank you very much for your comments, I am going to keep the blog just renamed it.

Mrs. Coe said...

Just stopping by to say thank you for the support.

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