Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss day 3-2011

WOW what a wacky day.

I had rearranged some things in the classroom the night before and the children came into a wacky room. Their morning work was to find and write all the things that had been changed.

Mrs. Shaw read Bartholomew and the Oobleck as I prepared the oobleck, we then let the children play with it as we discussed solids and liquids.

We then went to the library and listened to "The Cat in the Hat came back" by Mrs. Shaw's friend.

After lunch I gave the children an envelope with these words and a name (I made sure they did not get their own name) and told them it made a sentence and they had to put it together. They whole room was so silent as the children tried to put the sentence together, this was such a great lesson. After they put it together and glued it down they all came to the carpet and had to find the person who's name was on their paper and give it to them, then find their pictures.

At the end of the day we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by eating blue goo and pink ink.


Lynola said...

Sounds fun! My class also enjoyed oobleck yesterday. Why did you eat blue goo and pink ink? Does that also relate to a Dr. Seuss book?

Sandra Guntorius said...

Yes it does, pink ink comes from The Cat and the Hat comes Back.

Lana said...

Great Activities!
I am awarding you the stylish blogger award!

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