Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Work Stations

These are the workstations the children will be doing during Dr. Seuss week. Some of these were made by me, some came from Donna Glynn at Welcome to kinderglynn and others from What the teacher wants.

The children have to find rhyming words in the Dr. Seuss books and write them down.

In the library they have to read a book and write the title, beginning, middle and end to the story and wheather they liked it.

They had to match the beginning sound to the picture.

After putting the pictures in the columns of rhyming and non-rhyming the children have to write the pairs in the appropriate column.

The children had to match the rhyming words then write the words.

The children listened to Cat in the Hat in the listening station and in computers they went to seussville.com.


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