Saturday, May 28, 2011


The children learned about all different types of bears this week. We started on Monday by graphing our gummy bears by color then a friend had to analyze the data of the friends graph.
On Wednesday we made a polar bear by sponge painting, I know they look more like teddy bear's but it's what I had. They had to cut the bear out and put it on a white piece of paper then paint around it. When I was modeling this for them I was asking how I could make a polar bear using green and brown paint they were stumped then surprised when I pulled back the paper to reveal that it was white. The looks on their faces were just too cute.

On Thursday they were able to bring their teddy bears and we made all different types of graphs.

On Thursday they wrote why their bear was special to them, some didn't have bears so they used mine and wrote what the bear meant to me. I then had them read their writing and tell everyone why the bear was special to them. I have been really working hard on having the children edit their writing and when they read it out loud they tend to find their own mistakes.

Thursday night the bears spent the night and the children had to write about what their bears were doing while they were away. The bears were found writing on the computer, reading books, playing teacher, doing the calendar, in the bathroom washing thier hands, and the best was the one hanging in net attached to the ceiling in the library.


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