Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eric Carle

During our ladybug unit I also read many other books by Eric Carle. We watched a video on how Mr. Carle makes his books and we spent two days making our own paintings. We used tissue paper and put a base color on and let it dry, next we put a second color on then we used different type of brushes to add the third color. After they were dry I put different pieces on every table and let the children cut and glue their own pictures.


Kristin Young said...

We must've watched the same video today!! :) Ours was hooked to the end of a Smart Board lesson on The Very Hungry Caterpillar so I'm not exactly sure where it came from, though. I love your painting/collages. You inspired me...we may have to try it, too!

Jen said...

Oh, the kid's paintings are gorgeous! We love Eric Carle in our household.

Below is one of my past posts relating to Eric Carle-

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Jen from Creative and Curious Kids!

Kinderglynn said...

Congrats on being named one of the best Kindergarten blogs!

Ms.M said...

Congratulations on being names 1 of the top 50 kindergarten blogs by California Teaching Credentials.

Ms. M
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Alessia said...

I, too, love Eric Carle. Thanks for sharing such great pics! Congrats on being awarded one of the best KG really is :)


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