Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100 Day 2011

We were finally able to celebrate our 100th day of school today.

I usually like to do 100 activities all week so I started last week with "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". The children cut the caterpillar bodies out then we glued them down and numbered them by tens. This week we were able to finish coming up with 100 foods the caterpillar could eat, wow that was hard.

I have always used the 100 chart and some of the children get overwhelmed with all the numbers so I decided to go with this 100 chart and they loved it even the struggling children were able to count their objects using this. I got the idea from Erica Bohrer's unit, hers was colored but I made mine out of white circles and had the children color theirs.

I read the 100th Day Worries and the children had to write the problem and solution.

I had four containers containing different objects with different amounts, the children had to estimate how many objects they thought were in each container. We then counted them and wrote if they were more or less than 100.

We still have many other lessons to do so I will post the rest at the end of the week.
Thanks to these teachers below they have great 100 day units on their blogs. www.whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com


Mrs. Hicks@hicks-thealphabetgarden.blogspot said...

Sandra, I love the counting mats-I will have to use that next year. It makes it so much easier for the kids to break it down into groups of ten. Thanks!

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