Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Name Tags

I have spent so much money and time on making and remaking name tags and it drives me crazy. I have bought names tags and laminated them, put them in plastic sleeves and taped them on the desk, to no avail they are always destroyed.
Thankfully I found a website this summer that gave me this idea, so sorry I don't remember where I got it (if you know please post so I can give her credit). I started with free yes free paint stirrers from Home Depot, spray paint and some velcro. In the summer I spray painted about 30 stirrers then added velcro to the back then took them to school and added the other side of the velcro to the desk. When the kids arrived I added their names in paint markers. They have worked out great, even when the children write on them they can easily be washed off. When a kid moves and they do a lot I just paint over them and they can be reused again and again. A set of 30 cost less then $7.00 depending on how much it cost for velcro, I got it in bulk since I use it for many different projects.

The finished product.


Ms.M said...

Great idea.

Ms. M

Mrs. Pearce said...

I have heard about this idea and was interested. Thanks for capturing the process in pictures. I am such a visual learner :-)

Mrs. Hicks@hicks-thealphabetgarden.blogspot said...

I love it!!! Thank you for sharing.

KindergartenWorks said...

Always fun to hear new ideas! Found you through! FUN!

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