Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today we were suppose to be celebrating the 100th day and Groundhog's Day but here I sit in my living room on my second snow day. This is very very unusual for us in Texas we just don't have snow days let alone two in a row and it's not looking like the ice is going away till Saturday. We will have to make up the two days on Good Friday and Memorial Day, not sure what they do after two days? Yesterday was nice because I got ahead and did a lot of work, cleaning, and slept but today what to do, what to do?
This is what were dealing with, rolling black outs, temperatures in the teens and wind chill's in the negatative this is truly one for the record books. So how is it in your neck of the woods?


smorss99 said...

Today is our first snow day. We add our days to the end, but I am there that last week anyway! It is still a full on blizzard here. I am enjoying the day so far...much of my day will be dedicated for my mini vacation to Cancun that begins on Friday :)

Stay warm Sandra!

Megan said...

Hey from Kansas! On our second snow day- I'm now debating when to celebrate the 100th day... we were supposed to celebrate on Friday (it would have been day 101) but is now day 99. I just don't want to start our week off with a party on Monday (on the real 100th day, assuming we have school tomorrow).

Where do you live?

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