Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Party

What a crazy week that last week before the Christmas break. I started to feel bad that Monday but just assumed it was a cold so I didn't go to the doctor and just did the best I could all week until Thursday night, wow I felt so horrible I couldn't even make it in to work. Somehow I made it to the doctor that day to discover I had the flu, are you kidding me. I was forbidden to go to school for a week, I was so shocked and sad; I missed out on pajama day, Polar Express Night, Polar Express Movie, our party and many fun activities. It was very hard for me not to be there but I definitely learned my lesson to get a flu shot every year from now on; I can't remember the last time I was that sick, it took me a good 10 days to get over it.

I just want to thank all my parents, Mrs. Chinn and Mrs. Solis for all their help in my classroom to put the party together, they did a great job and it looked like the kids had a blast.

Here are some pictures from the Christmas Party

Marshmallow addition

Christmas math

We used a die as a number generator to get addition sentences then illustrated them using Christmas cookies.

Reindeer Munchies

I have done this project for years and the children just love it. We take bird food and a little magic flying dust (glitter) and put it in a bag for the children to sprinkle on the roof on Christmas Eve. My own son even does this and really enjoys throwing it on the roof before he heads to bed, he even looks in the morning to make sure the reindeer have eaten some.

Night and Day

Before the winter break we learned about the differences between night and day. I read Good Night Moon and then the children worked in groups to put pictures under the headings Day or Night. We also made a chart in a whole group setting. At the end of the week we made a sun then illustrated things we do in the day time. We were suppose to make the moon then illustrate things we do at night but weren't able to get it finished.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reindeer word game

We played a word game today using reindeer cards. The kids got to draw a card from the mail box and had to read it, if they could read it they put the card in the middle and continued on until someone pulled the HO Ho Ho card then all cards had to go back into the box. If the children couldn't read the card they got to call a friend to help them to read it. They really loved this game and had such a great time calling a friend, reading and using the Santa mail box. I had some of our word wall words on the cards along with some new words.

Gingerbread men

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Needs and Wants

I read "IF you take a mouse to School" and gave the children pictures from the story and had them come up and put them in the correct column. Afte discussing needs and wants all week on Friday we made a Christmas list with two needs and one want.


I read the story "Rocks" and we discussed the different forms of rocks. The children worked in groups and had to discuss and sort the paper rocks then glue them in the correct column.


We started our unit on rocks by going to the science lab and sorting the rocks by color, shape, size and texture. In writing we made a circle map describing our rocks that we brought from home. We also did a rock research paper to investigate our rocks.

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