Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Party

We had our Valentine Party today, I know a Tuesday just a little crazy. To make the week even crazier our district decided to have a half day tomorrow. The children will go home at 12:30 and the teachers get to stay for planning.
I really wanted the children to have a fun Valentine holder but I knew we wouldn't have the time in class so I made it a homework project. WOW, they made some great boxes. Thanks to all the parents for helping with the boxes and the party.

Multi-step directions

We have been working on multi-step directions this week. On Monday we made a valentine following these directions, thanks to Mrs. Clancy at Joyful Learning for the idea. This was a little difficult for some of the children but it was great to show how they need to follow the directions and the pictures for the card to turn out correctly.

On Tuesday the children had to make their own Valentines card and write the directions. I was really worried about this and thought it might be too difficult but wow what a great lesson. The kids did an awesome job working together to come up with a plan then making the valentines cards and writing the steps on how they made the cards.

Valentine Exchange

I took part in a Valentine exchange and my partner was Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies. My kids were very excited to make Valentines for another class in another state.
Everyone made a Valentine for another student then we took a class picture so they could see who we were.
We received their valentine's yesterday and they made us mice. We also got to see a picture of who we sent our cards to. The kids got a real kick out of the Valentines, I am very glad I joined and thankful for the teachers at Teacher blogger Exchange for setting this up.

I also took part in the teacher Valentine exchange. I received this necklace from Michelle. Thank you very much, it is very nice.
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