Monday, September 27, 2010


We will be working all week on apples and today we read "Ten Apples Up On Top" by Dr. Seuss and counted 10 apples then put them on our head. I put them on the bulletin board and later I will put them together for a class book.


We have been working on patterns the last couple of weeks and today we did a ABC pattern. I introduced the pattern then I paired the children up and one student made the core of the pattern then the other student had to finish the pattern. When they were finished they had to come up in front of the class and tell everyone what their pattern was and who did which part.

Friday, September 17, 2010


We studied families all week and the children had homework to make a family tree; I put them outside in the hall. Thanks to the parents for helping the children with this project, they turned out awesome.
We also made a graph of how many people live in our family then analyzed the data.

Jesse Bear

We worked on AB and AAB patterns this week. The first day we did the patterns physically then we made the patterns with manipulative's and drew them on paper. On Friday I read "Jesse Bear what will you Wear" and the children had to color Jesse Bear and color his shirt using an AAB pattern then they wrote out what pattern they used on their paper. On Friday we went to the computer lab and made our patterns using Pixie 2 and labeled them.


A great teacher friend had found this program that has cute catchy sayings for each number to help the children in writing their numbers, so I decided to use it in my classroom this year and it is going great. We have been working on the numbers 0-5 since school has begun and the children have really caught on to the sayings and have been able to write their numbers really well. I already had the numbers 1-10 on the wall then we made posters with the numbers and the children's pictures to represent each number.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Away Big Green Monster

Colors and Shapes

I always have a color and shape posters but this year I wanted them to be made by the children. We have a few more to make but I think they turned out really good and I feel the kids will use them more since they made them.

Out door habitat

We have a great outdoor habitat that our school built last year and we were able to go outside this week and look at everything. The kids got to see different vegetables, herbs, flowers and the pond; then they drew a picture of the habitat and how they behave outside.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Computer Lab

This was our first visit to the computer lab, the children worked on starfall. They all did such a great job and had no problem navigating through the website.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

We have had such a great week. I read Chicka Chicka boom boom and the children made a class book. They also made chicka chicka trees and had to count and write the number of letters in their names then using foam letters they spelled their name.

I took a picture in front of a coconut tree in our library and the children glued them on their pages. I will put the finished book in the class library for the children to read all year; I will add their last names later.

In science children used their five senses to investigate a coconut, then they graphed whether they liked the coconut or not. They also drew a picture of themselves and labeled their senses.

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