Monday, August 22, 2011

Classroom pictures

I made it! Today was the first day and wow what a great day. I am going to be doing daily five this year and was a little hesitant about starting day one but everywhere I read said to start right away so I jumped in. It went great and they could have lasted longer than the three minutes reading to themselves, can't wait to see how the rest go.

Here are some more pictures of the outside of the classroom.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classroom pictures

I have been busy all week trying to get my room ready and going to all the classes we need to go to, WOW it's been a long week. I am as ready as can be for those bright cute faces of first graders and can't wait for school to start.
Here are some pictures of things in my classroom, I still have a few more things to add and make but for the most part it's done. I really got some great ideas from some excellent bloggers and from pinterest and want to thank everyone you inspired me to make my classroom better.

Sorry about all the pictures, just couldn't pick a few. You can also see where I got the idea for my blog makeover from.

I will be doing bucket fillers and these will be the children's buckets once they add their own bucket.

Here are the classroom jobs thanks to Clutter Free Classroom. The rules and procedures will go on the blank side.

Made these with my cricut.

My totally awesome husband made this for me last year, I just love the colors. Thanks babe.

Here is my word wall.

In the back will be my guided reading area and the white boxes will be the kids book boxes. I made the curtains last year with the help of my mother. I just hate the shelves and can never get them to look neat so I used curtains.

Here are my mailboxes that I fancied up with ocean animals.
This is the area behind my desk with my children's pictures and supplies in the rolly cart. I made this board using a ceiling tile a couple of years ago, I put push pins on it and use it for important notes.
Here is the calendar area.

Here is my library. I wanted to repaint my bench to match everything but it was just to hot here so hopefully in a couple of months. I did paint some crates and have pillows that the children will put on top to sit on.

Here are my rules, thanks to Kinder Polka Dot Patch for this idea . There are only on the board for the beginning of school so I can introduce them then they will be moved to the other bulletin board.
Here are my library books separated and labeled by levels, that took a lot of time to do this summer. I have also put a label on every book that has it's level.

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