Sunday, March 27, 2011


The kids had a great week learning about Texas.
Here are a few things we did...

1. I Read "The Legend of the Bluebonnet" and they labeled the parts of a bluebonnet.
2. I Read 'Tattletale Armadillo" and themade armadillos.
3. Read "The Monarch Butterfly" and wrote a fact that we learned then drew a picture.
4. I read "Armadilly Chili" and "The Little Red Hen" and they compared and contrasted the two stories using a double bubble map.
5. Read "Jalapeno Man" and "Gingerbread Cowboy" and they made a double bubble map.
6. They did addition and subtraction using horses.
7. We ate chili and cornbread and graphed weather we liked them or not.
8. I also sent home a wanted poster and the parents filled it out on what the children could be wanted for and I took their picture to add to the poster.
9. On Friday we dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls.
10. I read many other books on Texas and the children wrote about facts and made a Texas Flag.

For the wanted poster I had them make a mean face, they were so silly but a few were able to makea serious face.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Were back!! I really enjoyed my spring break and am ready for the rest of the school year.

We are working on Texas this week and Monday we represented numbers using cowboy boots. I drew a number and the children had to use cubes to make the number then I drew another number and they had to show me less or more. We did this whole group then I had them go to their tables and work together by pulling a number and representing it with the cubes.

On Tuesday we made cowboy's and cowgirl's using a glyph and also made the Texas Flag.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Give away

Doodle Bugs Paper

Doodle Bugs Paper and Primary Graffiti are having a give away. Head on over and check out their blogs, they both have some great stuff.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Give away


What the teacher wants is having a giveaway. Head on over and check it out.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dr. Seuss day 5/2011

We finished up the week by wearing green today.

The children listend to "Green Eggs and Ham" as we prepared the ham and eggs. I let the children scramble the eggs with food coloring then with a lot of teacher help we cooked the eggs then let the children eat everthing. After they finished eating they made a graph if they liked the green eggs and ham. Fortunetly all the children tried the eggs and majority liked them.

The children made their own green eggs to use for the graph.

Dr. Seuss day 4-2011

Everyone wore slippers today to continue our Dr. Seuss unit.

We made a class alphabet book after I read Dr. Seuss ABC book. During math the children measured each other using the big feet then they made a page for another class book.

The children finished the day by writing what they had learned about Dr. Seuss this week.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss day 3-2011

WOW what a wacky day.

I had rearranged some things in the classroom the night before and the children came into a wacky room. Their morning work was to find and write all the things that had been changed.

Mrs. Shaw read Bartholomew and the Oobleck as I prepared the oobleck, we then let the children play with it as we discussed solids and liquids.

We then went to the library and listened to "The Cat in the Hat came back" by Mrs. Shaw's friend.

After lunch I gave the children an envelope with these words and a name (I made sure they did not get their own name) and told them it made a sentence and they had to put it together. They whole room was so silent as the children tried to put the sentence together, this was such a great lesson. After they put it together and glued it down they all came to the carpet and had to find the person who's name was on their paper and give it to them, then find their pictures.

At the end of the day we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by eating blue goo and pink ink.

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