Sunday, September 25, 2011

Graphs and Surveys

We have been working on graphs and surveys this week. The children made thier own graph using M&M's, and they also conducted a survey of the class on thier favorite color apple then had to use the data to make thier own graph. We learned the difference between bar and picture graph and the different parts of the graph.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Two weeks of school

Wow I can't believe the first two weeks are over, they just flew by. As I have mentioned this is my first year with first grade and I just love it. I have the pleasure of having most of my students back from last year, they were quite surprised when they showed up on the first day and I was their teacher again. One very sweet girl came running down the hall to give me a very big hug.

I finally finished the rocking chair I got this summer, here is a picture of before and after. It has been so very hot here which isn't the best time to be outside painting so this took longer than anticipated. We have had extremly high temperatures which isn't unusual for Texas but this year we have been setting records with the heat, were on our 58th day of over 100 degrees.

Bucket Fillers

We started bucket fillers this week and the kids and I just love it. I read the book "Bucket Fillers For Kids" and then we talked about how when we say nice things we fill our friends bucket but we say mean things we are dipping in our friends bucket and it makes them feel bad. Everyone made a bucket and we made an anchor chart to help with what was appropriate to write. When they arrive in the morning and during work on writing they are aloud to write a note to their friends. On Friday they were able to look in their buckets to get their notes, they were so excited to see what their friends had written, it was so cute.

Thanks to these great bloggers for the ideas.
I got the idea for the anchor chart at Mrs. Farmers blog
I got the papers and charts from Mrs. Walker's blog

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